Our Laparoscopic Surgery Team

Laparoscopy is a procedure that involves insertion of a narrow telescope-like instrument through a small incision in the belly button. This allows visualization of the abdominal and pelvic organs including the area of the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries.

The tiny incisions of minimally invasive surgery replace the long, traditional ones that often cut through large amounts of skin and muscle. The result is less post-operative pain and quicker recovery. Often the hospital stay is brief and patients can expect to return to their normal activities in a matter of days. Those undergoing similar "open" operations usually require more lengthy hospitalizations and much longer recovery periods. Smaller incisions also mean better cosmetic results and fewer wound complications.


Gynecologic surgery:

  • Laparoscopic treatment of endometriosis
  • Laparoscopic tubal ligation
  • Diagnostic laparoscopy and biopsy
  • Laparoscopic-assisted hysterectomy
  • Laparoscopic evaluation and treatment of ovarian pathology
  • Pelviscopy